Discovering Value and Providing Solutions
in the Fixed Income Marketplace

About Us

Our Core Values

The Pursuit of Excellence

Every portfolio manager acts as a fiduciary in some capacity, whether it is by managing assets for a financial institution, a trust, a mutual fund or individual investment accounts. We view our customers as our business Partners and given their respective investment parameters and goals, assist them in realizing the highest possible total rate of return for their Fixed Income holdings.

Our models and services are fiercely focused, directed, and driven by the ability to add value to each institution's Fixed Income investment portfolio first and foremost.


The word Partner in our name describes a critical aspect of our business model. Our approach toward work, hiring, and developing relationships with other financial institutions is significantly influenced by our desire to build long term, mutually beneficial business partnerships.

We do what we say and we act in accordance with our core principles. Our market insights and fixed income analytics are always shared with integrity.

Every investment strategy is reviewed and modified until it is deemed to be in the best interest of the customer prior to recommendation.

Our Methodology

Portfolio Performance Measurement

One of the ways we accomplish our mission is through performance measurement. Historical analysis helps us evaluate previous investment strategies in order to learn from past investment decisions. We then simulate potential future interest rate and yield curve scenarios to help design and structure highly specific investment strategies for implementation going forward.

Adaptive Application of Fixed Income Analytics

Tools are only as good as the people using them. FICP®'s three founding partners have over 77 years of collective history in the Fixed Income marketplace. This experience offers unique capabilities to interpret and flexibly apply the output of our analytical models. FICP® utilizes and applies an arsenal of rigorous and comprehensive fixed income analytic tools to measure portfolio performance. These market tested tools are employed for our customers' benefit.

Analytical Education and Teaching

FICP® is committed to ongoing innovation and the continuous enhancement of the analytical skills employed in service for our customers.