Fixed Income Capital Partners LLC®'s mission is to Discover Value and Provide Solutions for our Institutional Fixed Income Customers.

FICP® defines Value as an Unexploited Investment Opportunity. To discover such value requires years of experience and keen insight into the inner workings of the Fixed Income marketplace. It also requires highly skilled execution.

FICP® has the requisite tools, expertise, discriminating market intuition, and history to deliver the highest caliber of Value to our Customers.


Fixed Income Capital Partners LLC® is passionate about Meeting the Needs of and Implementing Solutions for our Institutional Fixed Income Customers.

FICP® utilizes each Financial Institution's Investment Policy and goals to assist in the construction of customer-specific investment strategies. Throughout this Solutions process, the application of advanced analytical modeling and interest rate scenario simulations is implemented in order to develop strategic direction for the Investment Portfolio, which supports the overall strength of the Balance Sheet. 


Fixed Income Capital Partners LLC®  is uncompromisingly diligent in our commitment to Educate our Customers, whom we view as our Business Partners,  in the proper application of Advanced Principles in Investment Methodology.

FICP® is not only driven to deliver Superior Income and Total Return Results.

The principles we esteem most highly are Integrity in the Delivery and Fair Market Value Execution of our Services and our Dedication to Clear, Direct & Unambiguous Dialogue with our Institutional Fixed Income Customers.